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But truth be told the BF2 bots cant really be that processor intensive.[/quote:3dbc0ee86f]

16 bots ain’t much, granted, but 32 is starting to stretch a tad. However, you tried running 64 of them, set to ‘expert’? See how your rig handles that :wink: (even with a 3400+ and 1GB of RAM, which isn’t fresh news these days but still fairly potent!)

But my comment was about the game (gfx) engine, which is not supposed to run on my D600 card (ATi M9, 32MB) by a fairly wide strecth.

They still attack tanks with knives, or has that been fixed?[/quote:3dbc0ee86f]

Don’t play tank maps in SP mode (which mode I don’t use often, truth be told), infantry only :D