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On my course they simply handout 1sts because my course is so hard and the lack of people doing it.

I’m doing mathematical sciences in UCC, and I’m in a class of over achievers. one guy in my class takes notes on his laptop in a format called Latex while the lecture is ongoing. it’s the equivalent of writing your notes in HTML so that they look prettier.

last test we had the class average was 84%

also it’s hard to create a curve when its maths, its either right or wrong. and we’re badly needed everywhere. I’ll probably work in either software engineering , political research creating social economic models for immigration and stuff or as an actuary or engineereing. I’ve got a lot of options

also there is only something like 10 in most of my lectures and there’s only maybe 5 courses in IReland doing A pure maths course.

was thinking about doing those courses in England, but could not afford it. I emailed around to a few HR places in the gaming industry and got an overwhelming response that I should do Maths Science because that is what is needed in Graphics programming. they also gave me a long list of compsci books to read (thanks rare). also those courses are very narrow in field IMO. and with the constant change in the video game industry, will all the techniques you learn stand the test of time? Caerlow IT are only trying to increase the numbers attending and then pushes the majority of them into engineering.