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steve i wouldnt say graphics is entirely maths. you dont have to be a maths wizard to do graphics. im not[/quote:3e0a92d91e]
True. but you must admit that it helps, and in my opinion if you can program you are a math wizard. high school mathematics gives everybody the wrong idea about college mathematics. even the system of quaternions and stuff is complex mathematics.

networking is set theory, on a very large scale. and a lot of protocols.

physics is applied maths or mechanics, which I do, all that fluid mechanics and stuff tensor theory, I don’t do thermodynamics or plasma or quantum theory but that isn’t important to games. I’ve done modules in networking, my course is crazy.

yeah I’m fine though, at this stage i could end up being a politician. it’s kinda disgusting aint it….

I would agree though, course doesn’t matter entirely. if you’re good enough, you’re good enough.