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First off get the trials of Maya or 3DSMax, have a go at modelling some of the tutorials. See if you like it. As you grasp those maybe try modelling something from your imagination.

Modelling and texturing go hand in hand. You’ll grasp texturing over time.

As for courses, there are loads of peeps here who can recommend them.

Its not that hard to become and artist if you have the knack…practice, practice, practice.

I know a few industry artists who are not that great at drawing (shock). Ofcourse it helps though :)

As for getting a job as a game 3D artist in Ireland..we’ll the choices are limited. The UK is the obvious choice. However you could get a job doing 3D stuff in Ireland in a non game company.

So to recap; get modelling with some demo versions of the big 3D packages and do some research into what courses would be right for you.