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thanks for all your help everybody. i just got a letter from Stratfordshire university in England. i applied for a Games Course that they have there. they want me to go over their nexty week for interviews. i was wondering if anybody has heard anything good about it. i was in their website and i see that they have three games companies working with them. i can’t remember what they were but one of them was Blitz games[/quote:91b818e5a9]
Where? Did you mean Staffordshire? If so, it’s not really one of the best for game dev courses in England. In fact, it’s not really the best for much. The Times ranked it as 80th in the UK. I have a friend of mine who is about to go there. Call me old fashioned, but their low entrance requirements are also a little worrying.

Have a look at places like Bournemouth, Teesside, Abertay and Swansea. They all have courses that seem to be well respected. Of course, no matter how good a course is, it’s not good unless YOU enjoy it. Look into Staffs, if you think you’ll like it then go along to the interview and find out more.