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I’m not sure exactly what the points requirements are for the course are but almost all computing courses are going down in requirements because there are a lack of people doing them. I know for my course the points were low when I applied and they’ve only gone lower.

For me it was a good thing, I didn’t have a good leaving cert and really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. My sister picked my course for me because she knew I was good at computers. Luckily I enjoy my course and try and get the best out of it. Saying that, with such low requirements, you get allot of drop outs and people that are lost in starting up a computer let alone write a simple “Hello world” program. It is ridiculous that you get people like that on a course but the colleges are mostly just trying to get people to join so that they can get more money. There are many aspects of my course that aren’t that good but I just take my own initiate and read about or get experience working with it or something. There are always things to do.