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Many thx to you guys. They are great pro advices and information for me.

Yes id love to get some coding experiences in game industry first ( pardon my lack of knowledge here, that i thought coding is part of game desigh :oops:

Yah, i hv done some C++ and mathslab programming,but certainly not an expert in programming. i was involved in projects where a large mount of maths methods were required. ( i was in team for astronomy detection programs, irish/brithis extreme weather modelling.and some small projects like traffic jam modelling, satellites.. these kinda of stuff :oops: )

I really appreciate those career informations above, and i will idd check them out. (hope theres some luck out there 8) )

Its kinda of hard to find a good job these days, as i kinda just finished my BSc, Msc , the previous career section looks very short on my CV :cry: … but surely i wil continue my job hunt, hope i could find an interesting work soon and continue to learn lots of interesting stuff . :wink: