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Ok well I’m not specifically bothered to get into the industry. I’d really just like the skills to be able to do some cool stuff on my own. And a lot of the stuff I’d be learning will be transferable skills so I am pretty sure I’ll be able to get a job out of it – games industry or not.
Are you really sure that a games course is right for you? Four years of intense work is a long time to commit to a hobby that may or may not become your permanent income. Outside of game development, a lot of companies will not hire you to program for them if you graduated from a games programming course. That’s right from the lips of a lecturer. This is why some students are deterred from going onto a games programming course.

It may be worth considering a comp sci degree and then improving your speciality if you do decide the games industry is for you. I just don’t want you going onto a course then realising you’re screwed at the end of it. Trust me, a friend is in that position right now. (Who I think still surfs this site, so I’ll say no more!)

Anyway, good luck on Friday! :)