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This is becoming a very interesting exchange of views :)

For me, the onus is on sticking with my beliefs, especially in the context of software patents and interactive 3D content ( games / art galleries / similar interactive environments ), where creators of similar products will, by default, use similar techniques to reach a similar goal.

If an investor wanted a patent as a pre-requisite for investing a substantial figure into a project, then I would let them know my thoughts, and also let them know that, if they required it, they could do the prior art search themselves, and foot the bill for it ( to translate slightly, let’s call this part of their due diligence costings, essential to evaluate the feasibility of investment in the project ).

Steph, your comments make very interesting reading ( I’m sure we’ll have a chance for a more lingual debate over a few pints at the next shindig I get down to ), and if a patent search / process was to go ahead, I’d definitely recommend you to the persons dealing with it, as an obvious expert in the field ( you have previously posted about digital media projects you were involved with, and so have both a games industry knowledge, as well as the legal skills and experience to back it up ).

However, that would definitely not stop me voicing my opinions to them regarding patenting any technologies in this software field, and more specifically in the area of automated 3D art gallery generation that I’m working on.