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4: And most importantly “MAKE SURE ITS IN C\C++”, if its in Java\C# your pretty much wasting your time unfortunately. Too many grads are submitting work in these languages and while their often very good we don’t use these languages in games. Some studios possibly use C# for tools related tasks but basically everyone who works on games tools or the actual code need to be proficient in C\C++.[/quote:1ae24273df]

I’d go further. If you want to be a programmer, set a target of knowing C++ backwards. Throw away your heathen texts and replace them with the following: “C++, The Programming Language (3rd Edition)”, “Effective C++”, “More Effective C++”, “Modern C++ Design”, “Design Patterns”, and “Large-Scale C++ Software Design”.

Then take this and your areas of casual interest and incidental knowledge (mechanics / visual effects / ai / whatever), and spend a few structured months putting together a demo, and doing it right. I wouldn’t actually do a game for this, since whatever you send people has about 10 seconds to make an impression before they move on to something else. Do something that’s both immediately cool to wow an ignorant producer, and technical enough to interest a lead coder. I wrote a small explosions demo using an old-school software renderer I had lying about from another project and a pretty nice C++ template-based particle engine using the strategy/policy pattern for particle behaviours that I developed from an idea on gamedev.net

An excellent well-engineered demo, passion and game knowledge will serve you much better than a 1.1 will serve someone with less to offer, because you’ll have to live with earning less and working longer hours for it than you would elsewhere.

The above may all be lies and self-delusion, and I might just be a jammy git… But it got me as far as an interview, and subsequently a job.