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Any other non-game development companies that might be relevant? Or any in Dublin that might take on a CS student…?[/quote:b11d8736ed]

Lionbridge in Ballina Co. Mayo.
They are a software testing company and if you cant get a job as a games tester you should have a look here. You will get good experience testing with a variety of applications. They have in the past tested a few games there so there is a small chance of game testing there but in the last while all the game testing done in lionbridge has been linguistics only so unless you can speak another language you wont be testing many games up there. Oh ya and they take on a lot of college work placement students.

You could also try and email this guy Liam.Quilty@manpower.ie . Dont know if recruitment agencies would even think about looking at a student but I do know that he has a few junior testing roles at the moment in Cork city but none involve game testing.