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Eh if you can’t learn MAX to industry standard in 3 years training what the hell are you at. There are like a kagillion books on it, people need to stop relying on college to tell you everything, your supposed to do independent learning. Your professor won’t be on site when your working. [/quote:12fc995c58]

That’s not the university’s job though, it’s up to the people themselves to have some cop on and do some personal projects as well. You can’t blame (all) the unis for not being able to perform magic if people don’t put any effort in themselves.[/quote:12fc995c58]

IMO with any 3D program Learn is not a word you are always learning. The easily part is learning what the buttons do, the hard part is using them to make something taking into account the polys etc.

My BTEC in media pushed me towards 3D Max and unreal a bit more but I learnt so much online from places like here and game-artist.net. I mean a got feedback on a simple model I was working on the other day from a guy working at DICE. Not going to happen at uni.

I think the big problem is a good 60-80% of the people on these coerces do it because it says games and dont have the mind set to work on their own outside uni and learn as much as they can.