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Hey, im just finished my first year. We program in C/C++, using Borland C++. While the course is labeled a Computer Game Development course, it would probably be better labeled Computer Game Programming as it is very heavily programming orientated.

There are basically 5 modules:

Computer Games, Computer Graphics, Computer Architecture, Programming and Maths.

All of the subjects are split into lectures and practicals

The Computer Games subject is interesting, it basically goes over jobs in the industry, why games sell, how to write a design document and all that. We got to make a game using game maker, which is a fairly decent way to get used to programming and using sprites. I made Sonic 1, ill upload it at some stage to show you what you can do in it. We also modified a board game, this was a fairly useless part of the course but it didnt take much time. Our 3rd project was to make 3 quake2 levels.

The Computer Graphics Subject is a bit usless on the lecture side of things. It goes over a lot of stuff like how LCDs and CRTs work and crap like that. The practical side is very cool though. The first program we made was basically using two different line algorithms to let a user to draw a line on screen, like in microsoft paint if you use the line tool. Our second project was a joined project between graphics and programming to make asteroids.

The Computer Architecture Subject is again fairly usless in the long run, you learn alot of the basics of how computers operate. You also get a project in 80×86 ASSEMBLY. Its cool to see how ASSEMBLY works but i doubt you’ll find much use for it.

The Maths isn’t as bad a people would think. The lecturer is very good at merging in the fact that we’re in a games course, so he always shows how the maths is applied to the industry, so it makes it alot cooler than say leaving cert maths. Our project was to make a cannon game where you are a cannon and you change the angle and speed of the bullet you fire and have to try hit a block. It was a cool little game to make.

Programming is the main body of the course. We did 3 main programs through the year. We started with blackjack(card game), then we made Wumpus( a text based game) then we made asteroids. It was a good progression and we have all the basics of programming done. Next year I think we will be learnign alot more object orintated programming.

Thats basically my sum up of the subjects, most subjects can be pased befor even going to the exams at the end of the year. I cant tell you anythign about 2nd year really, maybe if there is a secodn year here they can fill you in.

From what Iv heard the next first years will be doing a lot of C#(XNA) so i recon they will get alot more games done as it would be easier programmign with object orintated from the start.

If you have any more questions or would liek to see any projects we made this year, just ask.

Hope this helped.