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It’s also useful to know assembly for shader development, to squeeze out every last bit of performance. It’s not the same as x86 asm, but it’s not hard[/quote:39d882de95]

True HLSL has its roots in assembly language(even some of the syntax looks similar still), but ive written a few shaders here now which do complex enough stuff and i dont have a huge knowledge or experience with assembly language. Dont get me wrong, I can understand it and use it. Just seems to me for shader programming a solid knowledge of maths is more important… ;)

As for SPU programming I was under the assumption assembly could be used but its not entirely required (like any code really) as i would imagine assembly would be required to push these things to their max and get every last bit of juice outta them. But i reckon no one is pushing them to this limit at mo, or for a good while to come. In fact I would bet a large sum of money that a huge majority of PS3 games on the shelves as we speak (and in production ) probably dont even use more than 1-2, because these games are probably ported over from 360 etc.

But in conclusion, assembly is a nice thing to know, but i personally would prefer a person who knows C\C++ inside out and know how to write good, efficient code (good algorithms and has O appreciation), because lets face it, if your algorithm is dog slow (some really crap sorting algorithm or exhausive search) optimising with assembly aint gonna help you much. my two cents.