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The article hits a lot of good points about rebadging existing courses as game design courses.

On any good course, it’s always worth looking at what the trainers experience is – if you’re doing a sculpting class, and the trainers have never sculpted commercially, this could become a very visible issue later on down the line, where the students could suffer.

Getting commercial companies involved is crucial if this might be the only contact the students would have with real-world experience – however there can’t be an expectation of having a commercial games company allocate a lot of their precious time to it also, for no or little financial return.

I had a chat with someone from SkillSet recently regarding games course accreditation, it would have been interesting to hear comments on why none of the courses here in Ireland / Northern Ireland got a seal of approval from them, from both sides of the argument.

From Tonys Bio…
> Eventually he plans to leave the world of commercial games production behind and teach games development at third level.

What’s that famous saying about teaching Tony? Can’t remember it off the top of my head… :P