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Everyone has an opinion on this but the challenge, as always, is how to do something about it. [/quote:3169327ea9]
Thayts true, but I don’t think many people know what the real situation is. I think article lacked a bit of that, there were some examples of where things were lacking, but it was a bit lacking in specifics.
An honest, cut to the bone approach might be better to show the reality of the situation. The article only told me what I expected to be the case, but I don’t really know the extent of whats lacking.

One of the main things thats obviously lacking is the monitoring of companies of course content and mentoring/lecturing from industry individuals. No offence to those companies mentioned in the article as example of companies that could be consulted, but apart from Microsoft and Vivendi (which don’t actually develop in Ireland) none of them have released a current / next gen game and so would probably be lacking expertise in these areas. Havok are in the grey area as they’ll have worked on lots of games but aren’t a game company…

I think this giant venture into games courses is somewhat premature, because they are ultimately preparing people to emmigrate, the work just doesn’t exist in Ireland yet…