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I can imagines Scooball’s lack of support for assembly is based on the way its used in these courses. Im sure there are few things more irritating that being forced to make retro arcade games in asembly.[/quote:1b3ff9191a]

Nah we didn’t have to make any arcade games in asm when I was first year anyhow. Just simple little programs that would take in a bunch of numbers and stuff and then sort them.

Assembly is useful, but only as a last resort when optimising code. If you want to use ASM, consider algorithmic optimisations first (the most important optimsation by far !! ) , then some high level optimsations in C++, and then finally if you’re still not happy- roll your own asm code.

In short it’s the programming equivalent of the nuclear option- it’ll obliterate your code and make everything almost unreadable but it can be bloody effective if used right.