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Carlow IT course will have its first grads this year – there are about 11 in the class but that has ramped up in their second and first year.

Actually this year is our 3rd year and work placement will be this academic year, in 2007.
We graduate in 2008, so we have a little bit of time left here. There are 11 of us as you said, 2 of those are only joining us for this year. so really there will be only 9 of us in 4th year.

I think we have got over the little hit of depression over the weekend. The talks last week were a cold harsh dose of wake up and smell the coffee. I can only speak for us 3rd years who are going to be the first graduates, but it put things into perspective.

I really feel sorry for any of the second years who were in the hall that afternoon !!!

Praise the gods for Firefox 2’s built in spell check, now , if it could only do fix my grammar good.