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Yes, we did. The keynote speech was excellent, giving figures and statistics on game types, how many turn a profit etc.
The thing that frightened people the most was that there are no large development studios. However the good news is that there are areas where Ireland can become leaders, but some of those areas we are going to have to find and get involved in, but we love a challenge.
But yea, it was a “here are the facts” speech. Many of us in this course had a different view of what we would be getting into.

Personally I was not surprised that Ireland was more into middle ware and “casual” gaming solutions, I always personally thought it was a more interesting area that being programming stuff on a large “get it out by xmas” project anyway.
I mean, look at the stuff that game development houses have this year for the xmas rush. Anyway, wont rant off topic here.