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ah the talk. as for the studio which has the rush it out for xmas policy. dont brand them all as that, only a few studios\development houses jump to mind.[/quote:2ca1243ce0]

I know man, came across a little harsh there myself actually :)
Its just that xmas is a kinda landmark for a lot of companies. Sadly I cant really see anything there I would like to get this xmas in the release list, must be first year ever.

I feel excited that there is scope here to work on different projects that can make a difference in gaming.
Tony is right in his article, there are a lot of games courses out there at the moment, when I decided to come back to college I could have gone back and done a few years to finish my degree but i thought that a games related degree might be better than a standard software engineering degree. It seems that the emphasis is on good computer science graduates. I actually feel lucky I came into a college with a strong curriculum, as there was industry input and I have learned things here that would not be on the list of usual CS college fare.
I only hope that other academic institutions get in line with industry requirements, and that our college keeps in with industry or our degrees might seem tarnished by “Video Games” being in the title.