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At what point in history did the industry ever say they want a jack of all trades? :) I think you’ll find the accurate fact is colleges told us thats what we wanted, because thats what suited them, more high tech subjects more money and funding pathways.
i think thats the problem most academics still frown on games and think its trivial and a few tacked on courses are going to suffice us. Frankly, with this attitude their doing their students out of jobs. Sad fact is majority of lecturers dont wanna go the full haul and learn new things to teach their students. They like the comfortable tenure and year in year similar course and notes, cant blame them. its a good life :)

I recently had a talk with a lecturer who asked me while i was at SEGA what would make a game studio come to ireland. I said to him, you tell them why they should come to ireland, what can students offer them in terms of skills etc. Then I was shown a few levels of a simple game made using either unreal or source, i cant remember and told check this out, and I was like but thats a level designed using a tool already built? What can the student actually do (did he do ai, or something special with the lighting?), what does this actually demonstrate to me? Then he tuned out entirely and tried to fog me off, I was chatting away trying to give pointers and advice, which he asked for, but not one word I said went in or was taken on board. He just kept saying "but its wicked eh??". This really annoyed me.

Did he really think I was going to say "wow man this dude wrote this engine himself, jesus!" Its this attitude that really gets to me. He thought a student using this tool was going to actually fool someone if he sent it in as a demo? Sorry but he let his student down.

Sadly though on a point of graduate programmes within game studios I think you will never get a programme similar to what the banks etc offer, because a game studio doesnt take on the same quantity. Banks will take on 50-60 grads a year, a game studio might at best take on 4-5. Also their business is similar year in year out, so they can have a syllabus to train up their new grads. Unfortunately, game studios often dont make the same game next time round so how do you syllabus that, it changes too fast. Best you can hope for is you get paired with an experienced programmer or artist and he\she takes you under their wing and trains you up to be a good engineer. I was fortunate, this is how it happened for me. I had 2 really great mentors both with approx 10+ years experience making all sorts of AAA games, for that I’m extremely thankful.
Although some companies do really strive and take pride in training up their graduates, Blitz is a prime example of this ( that i know of, possibly more place do this) and fair play to them..