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I recently had a talk with a lecturer who asked me while i was at SEGA what would make a game studio come to ireland. I said to him, you tell them why they should come to ireland, what can students offer them in terms of skills etc. Then I was shown a few levels of a simple game made using either unreal or source, i cant remember and told check this out, and I was like but thats a level designed using a tool already built? What can the student actually do (did he do ai, or something special with the lighting?), what does this actually demonstrate to me? Then he tuned out entirely and tried to fog me off, I was chatting away trying to give pointers and advice, which he asked for, but not one word I said went in or was taken on board. He just kept saying "but its wicked eh??". This really annoyed me.

I assume it was a programing degree?

Willing to mention which uni the lecturer was from?[/quote:84812da0d2]

Could save someone wasteing 4 years.