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Hi all,

A little late coming in to this conversation, but here’s my two cents.

Any game programming course should focus on C++, Data Structures, Algorithms, and Memory Managment.

Supporting components, (also in C++), should be Maths, Physics, AI, Networking, Cross-Platform / Hardware / Console considerations.

Level editors, level design, mods, and other stuff are fine as a hobby, or for summer schools.

If your mission statement, as an educational provider is to train students for placement into AAA studios, then these (in my opinion) are the skills that need to be taught.

YES, this is a lot of specialised material.
YES, this stuff is difficult to learn and teach.
YES, devkits are hard (not impossible) to get.

I’m not pulling any of this out of thin air; it is all in the IGDA Curriculum Framework.