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Don’t get me started on the Highlander films…the original is one of my favourites but the only way I can sit through the others is to imagine the first never happened. Plain and simple there is NO continuity between the films…
HOWEVER to make matters even worse theres a new film coming out soon, well in 2007. Highlander – The Journey Continues, will be co-produced and star Adrian Paul and will be based around the series/End Game continuity, it will however feature Christopher Lambert (Yea!) but only in flashback form. Now even more back news…

The Journey Continues for Highlander
Source: Variety July 5, 2005

Lions Gate Films has picked up North American distribution rights to Highlander – The Journey Continues, the fifth film in Davis Panzer’s lucrative “Highlander” franchise, reports Variety.

Panzer is planning three new “Highlander” features over the next two years, starting with “The Journey Continues,” directed by Bret Leonard and starring Adrian Paul as the immortal Scottish swordsman. [/quote:95aae85fba]
…dear. god. leave. it. alone.