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Well we are indie, so everyone works off their own bat, hence why we have 60+ people. We usually just ask for 4 hours a week (which equates to one piece of work per week) Its a slow process but the results are certainly coming through now.

We have 70+ weapons, 200+ vehicles, 20+ character variations. Everything is coming nicely together.

Some artists are paid by myself, while others are just happy that its actually lead by a team of programmers, and not someone with basic HTML skills wait no that should be skillz.. Anyway we have invested heavily in tech such as Reality Engine, Speedtree and many other leading techs, and I think the in game results are speaking for themselves. The textures look great, the models look great, and with the lighting setup in Reality everything has a very gritty feel to it.

Also to build a fan base we took on a HL2 mod and a BF2 mod, which has turned out really well for us, it took us just a month to put together a huge HL2 mod, which we will be releasing soon. 10 – 20 maps, and a very unique gameplay system (surpisingly enough it is unique, and not a clone of ctf or the usual bomb or cs scenarios)

More work to come.