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While I am interested in seeing what Marvel do with the Thor/Captain America/Iron Man 2 build up to the big Avenegers movie, I am somewhat less excited about The Puniser 2 and the others listed, Wolverine aside of course. I have to admit I am a fan of the first two Punisher flicks but while Ray Stevenson was impressive in Rome, I really can’t see him filling Thomas Jane’s boots as Frank Castle.

That said this whole franchise reboot thing has begun to leave a horrible taste in my mouth, in fact something akin to arsenic, when I saw that they were remaking Robocop. Darren Aronofsky directing be damned, it doesn’t need to be remade… :x

Speaking of further instalments in 80s stalwarts, has anyone checked out the teaser for
Terminator Salvation? While McGs involvement initially lead to raised eyebrows on my part, I have yet to see Christian Bale star in a poor film, so hopefully the trend continues.