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cant see pro testers being outta jobs.

1: reckon it would take as long to program a bot to do the testing as good as a pro tester, as you’d have to give the bot a list of task relevant to that game.
2: you’d have to write a list of results for the bot.
3: also you’d have to have soemthing testing the bots to make sure their behaving correctly. so who’s gonna test that? another bot, and you see the problem unravel…

also as satchmo said testers do alot more, spot graphical glitches in huds etc (hows a bot going to do that, well i have an idea but its largely unfeasible for a game), track leaks etc.

Also is a programmed bot going to tell ya, "hang on the sun is blue instead of orange"?? Or the cars wheels arent rotating…