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Hey thanks all of you :) It’s good to feel supported… especially when this is still kind of amateur thingie…
mal, can’t show or say precise things for the moment since it’s still in negociations… you know how it works… stupid but you have to stick to it :(

All I can say is a number of Amiga and console games from the 90s are on the way and also… some GBA games, some published, some not. Although they would have been outstanding… only lack of brand left them out of the shelves :(. Stupid industry… Did I say that already :D

Also, all games are now automatically produced on Symbian (Series60 of course and UIQ on the way), Windows Smartphone and Pocket PC. I have setup a SDK where you develop on a PC, no hassle with bloody phone manufacturers SDKs (buggy, slow, not practical) and all the the issues of smartphone programming. So it’s just “normal” programming (not even knowledge of DirectX is required), and then the SDK churn out all the smarphones/Pocket PC versions without modifying original source code.
This explains all the games on the way :)

Really hope to tell you more ASAP ;)