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Nokia acquires Gizmondo (Gizmondo), Tapwave (Zodiac) and Gamepark Industry (GP32, GP2X) IP on the cheap and quiet, and has another crack at it.

Having smacked SONY one in the mouth with 360, Microsoft readies the other first and, surprising everybody and their dogs, announces that they will release a portable console by Xmas 2007, codename Y-Fronts.

Jakks Pacific releases an AES version of their TV plug-in product, a full-size AES stick containing a dozen of the best-known Neo Geo titles, including Metal Slug, Puzzle Bobble, Fatal Fury and Samurai Showdown.

GTA:Streets of Tallaght attracts, again surprisingly enough, Jack Thompson’s vengeful scorn and enough media coverage for Dublin to eventually bootstrap the Irish videogame industry, where the next big-selling genre across all platforms is invented. Needless to say, the game reaches summums of gore and violence, and the success for it which JT caused so paradoxically leads him to end his futile media-grabbing antics with a fairly bad rendition of Spiderman/Superman superpowers, when he jumps from the top of the Needle…