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imo, the low uptake is due to the fact that Eircom have thus far had piss poor advertising. When Broadband was first introduced everytime I heard or read ads for it all they were doing was pushing it on Businesses. Then when they finally did start advertising it for homes they had rubbish ads for that too. I mean wtf was up with that giant mouse?

Their last number of ads havnt been too bad though, at least they’re actually advertising the benefits of it rather than how SUPER MEGA AWSOME IT IS AS YOU CAN SEE BY THIS BIG MOUSE BEING BLOWN THROUGH A WALL… :roll:

The coverage issue is still annoying me. They only have it in major towns as I’m sure your all aware and everytime I ask will they be extending it to the outlying regions I either get “Duno, “We’ll see” or my favourite “Sorry, the maximum range of DSL is only a couple of miles, don’t think we’ll be able to stretch it out to you.” Which always makes me laugh due to the image I get of someone trying to pull on some massive cable out to our area… :D