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Flipside is would EA, Rockstar North etc be interested in seeing a product made in 10 weeks? I dont think the quality or design would be as good. Theres only so much you can concentrate on in 10 weeks.

I think the problem is Dare has this momentum going for it right now, in terms of quality and support from the industry, that if they rigidly enforce this rule I would expect the level of quality to decrease dramatically and consequently interest from developers, because they would think the level of competency and expertise has drop within the competition.

IMO its a double edge sword: on one side you want to be fair and stick to the 10 week rules but on the other side you want the support and interest from developers who are (lets be frank primarily there to find new blood to fill their roles). This side I think is probably the one which fuels and influence Dare alot more. But maybe I’m wrong.