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Flipside is would EA, Rockstar North etc be interested in seeing a product made in 10 weeks? I dont think the quality or design would be as good. Theres only so much you can concentrate on in 10 weeks. [/quote:bae14939c9]
I think you’re being very naive as to how the competition runs, you do all your design before the competition, the design is the documentation and presentation you present to the judge to try enter the competition. The competition is the actual development work. And its 10 weeks by 5 people, so its basically 1 man-year of work. The results you get from that are good. Any company worth their salt you crave to view that. What you normally get from a grad is a few weeks work, maybe their final year project, maybe with a bit extra work on it. Having something to show that combines art and code is immense.

Added to that, I think you’re whole arguement about EA / Rockstar is completely flawed on the basis that EA have hired so many of the recent competitors in the competition, they’re completely happy with the output from the competition.