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I think you’re being very naive as to how the competition runs, you do all your design before the competition, the design is the documentation and presentation you present to the judge to try enter the competition.

I’m not naive on the way the compeition works, i’m extremely familiar with it. Just because you present a design and documentation to the judges on entry doesnt mean you dont have the game already 60-70% complete, you just dont show or mention it. In fact if you wanted to win you would already have started on it.

Added to that, I think you’re whole arguement about EA / Rockstar is completely flawed on the basis that EA have hired so many of the recent competitors in the competition, they’re completely happy with the output from the competition.[/quote:a2bc1f8f70]

I never said they werent happy with the output at present.. Please read the entire post fully before going off on one ;)

What i said was they wouldnt be so happy in the coming years to see work, if the competition limited ppl to just doing work from scratch in the 10 week period. This would result in lower quality.

Dont be under any illusion that developers dont know work done entirely in 10 weeks and work done prior to a 10 weeks run up. I could even tell the difference from the blog video on this years dare site from week 2/3 (as someone else pointed out). We’ve all worked in development and know what can be achieve in time periods. Its naive to think preparation of code and assets starts on day 1 of Dare. When developers show up I would imagine they dont care about the time period, they care about the skills on show (can i hire this girl/guy) and buckets of enthusiam. Something the competition does well in finding.