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(The original) was essentially a hysterically violent arcade beat-’em-up that tasked you with scoring points by causing as much chaos as you could and starting big, crazy riots, with hundreds of panicking people running around like frightened sheep. It was amusing for sure, but not everyone was able to latch onto it. Enter State of Emergency 2, a sequel that completely revamps the concepts of the first game and transforms it from a wacky beat-’em-up into a thoroughly structured third-person shooter with an actual storyline and no melee combat whatsoever. Incidentally, the original game’s developer, VIS Entertainment, was the one to get the ball rolling on this sequel, but SOE2 went through three publishers, two development houses, a bankruptcy, and a lot of drama to find its way onto store shelves. After playing through SOE2, it remains unclear what so many different companies saw in this generic and frustrating shooter.[/quote:6a17496fa9]