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[pimp]The standout of the evening was easily MotorStorm, one of the most visually stunning games ever seen on a home console. A high-tech off-road racer at heart, Motorstorm’s sparkling graphical detail practically jumped off the screen: motorbikes exploded in flaming balls of debris, sending their riders careening off nearby rock formations like rag dolls. Despite the lavish presentation, the game ran at a brisk pace, if not quite up to Ridge Racer 7’s lighting-quick standard of 60 frames per second.


The editor of 1up gave us ‘Game of Show’ too:

“The reason is simple: it’s the best looking game in action I’ve ever seen running on a home console. Watching it on the screen feels like you’re right there, in a helicopter or something chasing behind this off-road race. Everything moves the way it should; there’s no weird seams or particle effects disconnected from their source; the lighting (and shadowing) looks natural. It creates a completely engrossing effect.”[/pimp]