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And you’re right Dave, my main point however is that that same atmosphere and idea is captured in far superior books such as LoTR and The Hobbit and the HP series is luring people away from these classics with big advertising campaigns and massive hype…[/quote:9cd0b723f4]
HP didnt start with the massive marketing hype – it was just another book that sold really well off its quality before they republished, rebranded and made it an international phenomenon.

I also think its very dubious to say that LOTR is a ‘far superior book’ – there is no question that the quality of Rowlings writing is fantastic, and while she may not have been a professor of English Literature, she has definately captured her audience far more than LOTR did. THe one thing that made LOTR famous was its innovation – it *created* orcs, elves etc as we understand them today and as they are repeated in countless rehashes. It has been mentioned that LOTR today might not even get a publishing deal:

– The main bad guy is never seen in the books
– the ultimate evil in the trilogy is an inanimate object
– the ending is dire and anticlimactic – the main bad guy dies before his main lackey who still causes mischief for another half a book.
– the pacing is completely out of whack with modern literary standards – he spends entire books at a time talking about one set of characters and ignoring the others.
– he meanders for an incredibly long time at the start, focusing on a character that does not have any significant role in the later books.
– he writes content in languages that dont exist to the bewilderment of casual readers.
– he introduces characters like tom bombadil :)

Tolkiens work was fantastic for those who are predisposed to liking it – Rowling has created a world which anyone can associate with, old or young, fluent in elvish or not.