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I also think its very dubious to say that LOTR is a ‘far superior book’ – there is no question that the quality of Rowlings writing is fantastic…[/quote:1ac554b226]
Hrm, I would say its of a very good standard, but only for a childrens book. I’ll reserve overall judgement until she writes a book aimed at an older audience..

It has been mentioned that LOTR today might not even get a publishing deal..[/quote:1ac554b226]
The reasons you have given there are why the book remains so timeless, it doesnt correspongd to a particular age and I would say that, ignoring the standard of English used throughout, no matter when you ask someone when it was written the person would have difficulty guessing. When the films were released many of my friends asked me when it was first written. When I replied that they were started in 1954 none of them could believe it. The same cannot be said however, for much of todays writing I believe.

While the HP series are aimed at children and theres nothing inately wrong with that, I just think that those people who are willing to “give it a try” and who fall into an older age bracket should read The Hobbit and LoTR first, something that won’t happen due to the marketing machine behind HP. Slogans such as “Lord Of The Rings for a new generation” are what annoy me when most of the current generations have yet to experience LoTR bar the films…