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If they can sell 42.40 million in Europe, 23.99 million in Japan and 44.86 million in the US why is Europe the last to get new consoles?[/quote:29b19272c6]

(i) because unlike JP and US, they need to localise a lot (it’s not 44m US PS2s all with same OS, box, booklets, plugs, cables, etc – it’s so many m UK PS2s, so many m FR PS2s, etc.)

(ii) -linked to (i) above- because the distribution and servicing network (the ‘sales’ architecture) is much more fragmented

(iii) for historical reasons (haven’t we Europeans always been the red lantern for releases?!?) :lol:

But fear not – given the recent jihad on EU grey imports, they still care just as much to get your hard-earned EU cash. Only, you spend when Sony tells you to spend, not before ;)