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Wow…Gears of War is lower than I expected. That’s ridiculous aboout Drake’s hair :lol:

Thanks for the reply…yeah, I’ve been sticking to under 5000.[/quote:c43f58a813]

Yeah as Pete said – the gears geometry was REALLY basic – saw some videos somehwere about the making of the game and I was shocked at how much work the textures were doing.


Ya definitely. Not being a particularly artist person but I would expect though you can reduce your poly count pretty aggressively providing you had good normal maps "cast" down from high res\detailed model coupled with quality textures right? Whole point of normal maps etc. ;)

GOW is pretty special though.

I will tell you one thing though.

PGR3 had about 250-300k polys in their cars if I remember correctly. SR had 40-50k max per car, was the difference all that noticeable? Maybe it was to the trained eye or the car enthusiast, but I think 90% of the population wouldn’t really notice the difference.