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I think I got my lines crossed.

Yeah, I was playing PGR (haven’t played Sega Rally, not yet anyway, but I will, honest!). and couldn’t believe the detail in the cars, and the tracks.

I figured they must be making heaving use of Occluders, coupled with a quadtree?

I’ve been keeping my eyes open for articles in the Gems series, but no joy just yet.


Yes some sort of scene management is required. Theres loads of options out there. Quad-tree, oct-tree, pvs, portals etc. Hybrids of various solutions. After all in games, theres no wrong way just a better way of doing things ;)

If you actually analyse a games terrain and contents its possible to guess what techniques are being used. I personally dont know what they used for PGR but i could make an educated guess. Probably a combination of a quad-tree and pvs.

As for artictles out there i’m pretty sure you should be able to find a few, ive definately read some in recent weeks (cant place them at mo) but there is source material out there.