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With all the music, film, theatre and art courses going on the place does feel like an episode of fame some times (I wonder how many people are going to show their age my commenting on that statement), and as it is a “new media” college as you put it, it can seem laid back.

I think the simple fact that you’re doing a course sepcifically amined at something you have passion for can hide how much work you’re actually doing.

As for the short classes, and half days I can’t dispute that, if that was your experience then ok fair enough. I can tell you that now we have fairly strict attendance rules and that dropping below a given percentage of attendance (and its a pretty strict figure, that actually got stricter this year) per module for the year means an automatic fail regardless of performance. Also our tutors/lecturers tend to work bullishly at content at the start of a term and then leave us the classes towards the end for project time, which is appreciated considering the expense of the software we need.

DBH Nooptical I can’t for the life of me remember who you are, have we met, are we talking about the same course or were you in Ballyfermot more than 2 years ago and are talking about other sets of classes.staff entirely?

And oh yeah Pete’s comment about politics is one to note. I’ve attended Trinity and Ballyfermot and in both places politics within the course and from outside have affected my studies. Try being the class representative and having to argue with lecturers you’d much rather be going for pint with, but who now think you utterly hate the course :(