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Was funny, I was playin it in Xtra-Game in the square, couldn’t get anywhere as the T-Rex just stayed biting the bridge, didn’t seem like a whole lot to do. So I finished up and went about my business. Stopped into Smiths on my rounds, and decided to have another try. Turns out that the one in Xtra-Game had hit a glitch and the T-rex was supposed to break up the bridge and chase you.

Only got to play it for a bit more, couldn’t seem to find a run button and/or didn’t have time to get used to fps on console. Seems cool though. Gfx were really nice though not sure what I was expecting of next gen, but I guess I’ll have to really play a few games to get the feel of it. At the mo, it all just feels like the n64 did the with 4mb expansion.