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from dreamcast-scene.com

Translated Korean GPX2 FAQ:

Q. Why is the CPU only 200Mhz? Is it not slower than 400Mhz?

A. The 200Mhz CPU GPX2 uses has 2d acceleration and video acceleration chip within it unlike the other (Samsung 2440 series, intel or AMD) CPU’s.
Higher clock doesn’t always necessarily mean a better performance nor higher framerate. We have concluded this after an extensive testing.
200Mhz with 2d acceleration came out faster than the 400Mhz.

Q. Why are there no USB hosting?

A. GPX2 is an portable multimedia device. We’ve discussed about this in-house, but battery usage and hardware manufacturing cost was an issue so we decided to leave it out in this version.
But we promise you that we will do our best to include it in the next version of GPX2 (Hard disc type, planned for Q4 2006).

Q. No TV-OUT? We want TV-Out!

A. GPX2 has no on-board TV-OUT feature, but we are considering a peripheral that allows you this function VIA UART extention.

Q. Will GPX2 run GP32 games?

A. GPX2 runs on different hardware and OS. GPX2 will not support GP32 games and programs. But we promise you that GPX2 will support its games to the fullest.

Q. Does GPX2 come only in white? Any plans for other colors?

A. We have not decided on what color GPX2 will come in. The shots of GPX2 on our website is just a test version, but due to the massive demands, we are also planning on black and silver.

Q. GPX2 has 32 megs of memory. Is it not too small?

A. GPX2 currently has 32 megabytes of main memory, and 64 megabytes of NAND memory. (OS will use a portion of NAND memory), but due to a lot of customer demands, we are considering 64megabytes for main memory.
Once it is decided, we will let you know of this.

We are trying our best to please you. We are truely sorry that we can’t make a machine that will satisfy you 100%. We are also trying to make a very affordable portable device. We’re yet burning another midnight oil![/quote:9aea76fb94]