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Nifty….the AI basically turned into Cognitive Science and there was no project. Then he got suspended and someone else had to set a paper, or something like that anyway….
I still don’t see the need for turned up to lectures. Labs yes, lectures no.
Especially in computer related courses where the majority of the notes are online and you go to lectures to find further learning of the notes. You can teach yourself the majority of things from studying the notes yourself. For example, in 3rd year we did an AI module and our project was to write a heuristic search algorithm in Java. We were told to look at the Java API and pointed towards a couple of the simplest tutorials. All the learning involved was completely independent.
Don’t get me wrong, I think you should attend, I just don’t think it should be compulsary, as you shouldn’t fail a course because you didn’t attend but gained the knowledge from the course when someone who who barely grasped it but attended all lectures gets a pass.