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Ah, I see your point more clearly now.

Whilest in Abertay, I did attend about 95% of my lectures ( it snowed sometimes and it was a long walk… ). One of the main reason was the lecturers were good and showed a real interest in us and the course material was stimulating
In DCU, the class size was 100 over and I never even got to know a lecturer. It felt like the main job of the lecturers was to supply us with notes, go through them in lectures, that was about it, ( obviously some were better than others ).[/quote:d06bae1da4]
There’s 98 universities in the UK. Guess where Abertay ranks in size? That’s right, 98th! That would explain why your lecturers could give such personal attention. Smaller lecture sizes is something I’m 100% in favour off, if the universities could afford it. Although, there’s no excuse for poor lecturers. I hate seeing tutors who are unenthusiastic towards their student’s growth.