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I’ve already bought one console this year and still living down the shame of it, and this one doesnt even play DVDs, which is why I bought the first one :( I will upgrade my actual gaming machine next eyar to compensate though, I’m hoping for something like this:

Nvidia has begun shipping its nForce 680a SLI chipset for AMD’s Quad FX gaming-oriented dual-core, dual-processor platform. Boards based on the part are capable of hosting four graphics cards, eight displays, a dozen 3Gbps SATA drives and four Gigabit Ethernet connections.

The chipset can also handle four parallel ATA drives and up to 20 USB ports. It can host up to ten standard PCI slots, though with its in-built networking technology – including TCP acceleration and the ability to combine Ethernet connections into a single, fatter pipe – it’s hard to know what folk will want to add into those slots.[/quote:2ff0abc0c9]
How one can work without 8 monitors in this modern day and age is just beyone me :/