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Well, my little sister is a lefty, so I’ve been trying to buy her a nice mouse, but the whole “inverting buttons” thing is just annoying. For the moment, she is learning to use the mouse with her right hand. I think it’s probably the best solution.

Oh for those who mention flight sims, yes, the default is normally to invert the mouse (which is why I say “flight sim style”).
I have, however, seen some space sims that used the “mouse up = look up” method. And I hold them as abominations unto my eyes… :evil:

kyotokid : then you are a regular, no FPS is set to inverted mouse anymore nowadays.

omen : now that, sir, is the weirdest I’ve heard…. the whole point of the inverted mouse setting is that it reflects what you would be doing if holding a stick, precisely. i.e. when you wanna go up in a plane, you pull toward you (move the mouse down) :roll:

interesting results so far, though