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Building your own pc is alot easier then you probably think it is Squash-n- stretch.

The motherboard socket type you get depends on the processor. After that as long as all the hardware you are buying is current everything else should generally be hunky dory.

Motherboard (socket type depends on processor)
Video Card
sound card (most motherboards have onboard sound so this is optional)
Power supply (faster cpu’s and builds with a customisation like neon lights need bigger power supplies)
dvd drive/burner
Case (Tower)

If you have a friend in the know beside you when you are ordering stuff and building the cpu its a no brainer. By that I mean somebody who isnt just out to show their indepth knowledge of technology for the sake of gloating.

Building the pc yourself leaves alot more cash in your pocket compared to buying ready made high-end pc’s, which in turn means you get a better pc.