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The PR from Bungie seems to indicate that Halo 2 Vista won’t have anything significantly more interesting than Halo 2 XBOX, except the addition of a map editor. [/quote:593b1bce39]
That answer your question? :D

Me thinks its going to look exactly the same which is a bloody disgrace seeing that its taken them so long to port it. Its probably just an app they’re using to push Vista on gamers just like they’ll be hoping the launch of Halo 3 will signify a boost in XBox 360 sales.

Oh and for the record…I like Microsoft. I like Windows. I don’t mind consoles, I just don’t plan on owning one. I like using joypads on some PC games. I believe the FPS’ natural home is on the PC. I’ll get Vista when its nice and stable and has decent drivers for it. I’ll probably pick up Halo 2 at some stage too. *cough* Think that clarifys my position :D