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I doubt anyone in France, Germany, Spain, Italy or Ireland for that matter knows what an A-Level is! They might have heard of it, but thats about all![/quote:665cd74923]
Everyone I know in France is very familiar with the A Level system! Although it’s probably because they like to bash it so much…

LOL, well, sorry I don’t know about A level.
It must be a metric system quirk, we Frenchies have, but for as far as I can remember, we used marks out of 10, then out of 20. That’s about it.
The most granularity in marks was in orthograph (spelling exercises) where you could have quarters of a point ducked depending on the severity of your error.
Always made much more sense to me than those american letters…
what the ffoh does anyone past the age of 3 wants to do with letters, anyway… you kids can’t handle the Maths?
I always thought it was just an excuse for the teachers not to give you details on why exactly you got a certain amount of point. Completely unprofessional, if you ask me.